unit projects

Edge Pacing Guide for ELD and Literacy Support:


Opening of Unit:
  • Overview of theme and essential question
  • Anticipatory activity

Cluster Readings:
  • Scan for vocabulary
  • Learn key concept(s) and Edge reading strategy
  • Reading with summary sentences and notes in the margins

Cluster Activities:
  • Create Cornell notes and graphic organizers for review
  • Learn key vocabulary
  • Post analysis questions/Reflect and Assess pages
  • Integrate the Language Arts pages (grammar, literary analysis, etc.)

  • Edge Cluster Tests
  • Edge Unit Exam (Literary Analysis)

*Ongoing: quarterly writing formative assessments and benchmark

Literacy Support

Opening of Unit:
  • Unit launch engagement activity

Cluster Activities:
  • Introduction and review of cluster vocabulary (foldable/Quizlet/etc.)
  • Vocabulary/Language Workshop
  • Before Reading pages in IPB
  • Post Reading pages in IPB
  • Cluster review before tests (vocab/content/reading strategy)
  • Reading responses (prompts/discussions/etc.)
  • Review ELD notes prior to exams (check/review summaries)
  • Integrate the Language Arts (vocab study, writing/research, etc.)
  • Workplace Workshop and/or Writing Project (Unit)

Cluster Readings:
  • Supplemental story re-read and comprehension questions
  • Student/group read-alouds

  • Vocabulary quizzes
  • Informal grammar quizzes (teacher created based on Edge tests)
  • Edge Unit Exam Grammar (except Beginning)

*Ongoing: Grammar Book and Transparency practice
Writing formative assessment support

**See Edge Teacher’s Edition